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The Filo hua hum is a classic freestone river which runs between two lakes, this water is extremely versatile, from fast water and big boulders to gravel bottom and slow runs as well as deep pools and back eddies especially at the lower reaches of the river.

Fishing the Filo is a unique experience since most of the fish are brown trout and are lying in very shallow transparent water and have a soft spot for big attractor patterns as well as terrestrial imitations such as mice beetles and ants, therefore conditions are ideal for sight fishing.

The river is small therefore holds fewer fish but average the biggest in the area, between 20 to 22 inches and it is not unusual to see a 30 plus incher, your average daily catch will be between 2 and 5 fish a day over 20 inches.

You will be fishing the usual pools and runs as well as pocket water where it flows over and around big boulders. Most of the fishing is sight fishing for big brown trout, which are feeding on seams or ahead of boulders in the morning with good sun light.
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